Arai Pinlock shield review...


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Just thought I'd share this with my fellow guys/gals here.

I recently bought an Arai Signet Q and it came with their new max vision (or whatever it's called) pinlock visor. I'm not much of a fan of gimmicks, so I didn't think much of it...

Well, last weekend we did a two day, 970 mile ride around Lake Michigan and for the last 360 or so miles, we rode in POURING rain. :down:

But this shield is absolutely amazing! Crystal clear, and never fogged ONCE! Not at a traffic light, not on the freeway, not fully open, not fully closed, and not with all of the vents on the helmet closed.

I've never experienced this before, so I thought I'd let you all know. These are the REAL DEAL! :thumbsup:

It was also announced last Friday that Arai will be offering a photo-chromatic pinlock insert in the near future so there is no reason for me not to try that out as well!

So, thanks Arai for making a product that actually works, and thanks Big E for the Arai! :laugh:
I thought the photocromatic lens was already available for the arai?

Not to my knowledge, no. They have clear, yellow, light smoke, and dark smoke..

I might try a yellow next if the photochromatic one is too expensive. ;)
Been using the pinlock for years on Arai helmets. it's all you say it is and more. I like the yellow visor for riding at night in foggy conditions.

Two thumbs up!

ive been wanting an Arai for quite sometime now. the wesite says ProtecTint is available for all existing pinlock systems. where did you read that its available for Arai now? I was under the impression it was available for quite sometime now. or maybe it wasnt available for Corsair V and it is now? is that wat u mean?
I saw a press release on Facebook about it. I can't find any info on it ANYWHERE today. Where have you seen it?
You need to purchase a pinlock visor and insert to use on a corsair v.
I realize that but it doesnt list the Cosair V as one of the helmets that it fits. it seems to fit plenty of other Arai helmets but I didnt see the corsair v listed. otherwise I wud have surely bought the cosair V with the pinlock/protectint b4 buying my Bell that offered the photocromatic.

go to the link and click on Arai then scroll down and see which helmets are listed. or maybe im reading it wrong?
I have one for my Shoei RF-1000. I love it. I've ridden when the temperature was in the teens and never fogged up. :thumbsup: