Arai Corsair V Review

Adam G

Hey guys. Thought I would post up my thoughts on my new Corsair V. I just got it in the mail today and cannot ride tonight so I can't review it quite yet, but will take a long ride in it very soon.

I bought a Scorpion EXO 1100 about a year ago. I really like the helmet and some of the cool features such as the quick release shield, the little switch you can flip to keep your helmet open 1/4" while riding for some good airflow, and the pump system for the cheek pads to keep the helmet nice and tight. The problem with this helmet for me is the fit. There is not a lot of room at the front for my chin and when going fast the wind blows the front of the helmet back and it touches my chin. Also, after about 4 hours of riding there is a spot on the back of my head that gets sore. The thing is nice but just didn't fit me right. Now it will become my wifes helmet for the rare times she actually gets on the bike with me.

I started my helmet search and went to a c ouple of my local shops to see what I could find. The two brands that fit me the best were the Shoei and the Arai. It was a hard choice between the Shoe GT-Air and the Arai Corsair V as well as the Arai RX-Q. They all fit well and had features I like. I then read reviews and found out what other people thought of each of these lids on the Web. After a lot of searching I came upon a deal I could not refuse on a brand new Arai Corsair V in my size and my color on ebay from Riders Discount. The sweet deal made the decision easy and I pulled the trigger.

So I unboxed it, registered it for warranty, played with it, and cleaned the shield real well. Have kid duty tonight so although I am jonesing to try it, I will have to wait. It eases the pain of the wait a bit to type about to you all.

I will be back with pics and initial thoughts soon. In the mean time anyone have this helmet? If so what do you think of it?
Been wearing a Corsair V for the last 4 years,great helmet.:thumbsup:

(looks like the latest version has a few upgrades,will have to check it out)
Well I got a chance to take a ride today and thought I would put down some initial observations.


-Very comfortable. Thick plush padding that really feels nice. Cheek pads are great. Nice and full and fit just right. Forehead pad was a little stiff but I think this will break in. Overall a very comfortable fit and feel

-Great Visibility. Wow, this face shield goes way back on the sides giving me great peripheral vision. Did not have to turn my head near as much as the Scorpion to see if the lane was clear before switching lanes. This is really nice.

-Weight- Very light helmet for its size and amount of padding. About the same weight as my Scorpion but overall size is bigger as it I Snell approved and more protection there.

-Aerodynamics- Here is where I noticed a big difference. I am feeling much less wind resistance. This thins cuts through the air well. I have a feeling this will save my neck on longer rides.

-Airflow- This was another thing I was really pleased with. Lot's of airflow. 80 degrees out there today and I was very comfortable. Not a bit of sweat.


-Noise Level- I thought that it was a bit noisy compared to the Scorpion. Granted, I have all the vents open, but there was definitely some wind noise.

-Helmet Lock- The helmet has a little locking mechanism that locks the shield down. I have yet to figure out how to get it to release with gloves on. I am sure there is a trick to it. If anyone knows, please share.

That is all I can tell you so far. This is after a 1 hour ride. Will give a further review once I get some miles on it. Overall I am very happy with it!

Corsair V.png

Corsair V2.png
Well went on a 4 hour ride with new helmet today. Went with a couple of riding buddies to a town call Red Wing which is on the Mississippi River. Great ride. I have to say the helmet was just awesome. Waaay more comfortable than the anything I have ever worn. This one is a keeper boys!