AR Fans: EXCELLENT downloadable zero targets


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For you AR fans:

I invite your attention to this thread on another forum:

Improved AR15A2/A3/A4 & AR15 Carbine Zero Targets - 50/200M, 100M, & 300M Zeroes - Forums

A member created a .pdf file of zero targets that will allow for a 100M zero on a 25M range, using ballistic data for M193 and M855 ammunition for either iron sights, EoTech or Aimpoint optics. I measured out 25M (82.081 ft). and shot the EoTech targets supported (out the back of my carpeted pickup bed with my rifle bag as support) for two Eotech-equipped rifles (one with a G33 magnifier). I started with the top left target, and eventually confirmed with the bottom left target.

After getting a zero I liked, I shot a standard 25yrd pistol target at approximately 100 meters. Pics are below. Except for a little bit of trigger control, not too dang shabby for an amateur. At 100M, the black part of the pistol target IS the red dot. I liked the contrasting color silhouette (yellow or green) better than the black or red ones easier to see against the red dot. I am very pleased with the results. What I really like is I can print these targets with my PC printer any time I want.

P.S. a Geissele SSA trigger is head and shoulders a better trigger than a MILSPEC trigger....HIGHLY Recommend. G33 Magnifier ROCKS.

All the .pdf files are below attached, for several different ranges using different optics. Files contain different color silhouettes...




  • 25 Yard Aimpoint 50_200 Zero.pdf
    135.7 KB · Views: 1,369
  • 25 Yard Aimpoint 100 Zero.pdf
    135.4 KB · Views: 742
  • 50 Yard Aimpoint Zero.pdf
    155.8 KB · Views: 811
  • Improved AR15 Optic Target 50Ma.pdf
    111.4 KB · Views: 823
  • Improved AR15 OpticTargeta.pdf
    109.2 KB · Views: 718
  • Improved M4_AR15 Carbine Zero Target 50Ma.pdf
    125.1 KB · Views: 1,041
  • Improved M4_AR15 Carbine Zero Target 100Ma.pdf
    125.7 KB · Views: 1,237
  • Improved M4_AR15 Carbine Zero Targeta.pdf
    163 KB · Views: 825


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Sweet. Thank you very much for posting this.
I will use it this weekend.


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The grids are even matched for MOA clicks of the particular sight you are using....

P.S. The bottom pic (shooting at 100 M) was 5 rounds with one rifle (with magnifier and SSA trigger) and 5 rounds on another rifle (without magnifier and milspec trigger). I lost 1 suspect non-magnified, milspec trigger rifle. All shot with Federal Lake City M855 Green tip.


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Thanks for posting these. I've planted a seed with the Mrs. for building my first AR soon....more lobbying to take place. These will be fun to help dial in the rifle!!

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