Anyone want some of these


Dis in my way!
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Hey guys, I have been collecting these little Hayabusa's for awhile and have quite a number of them, I have the copper and silver and blue and silver 99 and 2000 color schemes. I figure that I could ship them out for a couple of bucks and make a dollar or two on em at the same time to help recoup some of the money that I have sunk in on the site. So if you are interested let me know, I have a paypal account set up from a long time ago (I need to dig it up). I figure 15 bucks? Does that sound fair?

Let me know what you guys think

Here is a pic of the copper one, blue are identical except for color.

You don't happen to have any silver '02 models? I've gotten them all except that one.
Cap'n, will ya take a check? I don't have a paypal acct, but wouldn't mind a blue/silver.

Lemme know. If so, email me your addr and I'll get one sent out to ya!

And many thanks for running the site!
Hey guys a little spray paint and they can be whatever color you want .. hahahahahhahahaha, does quality count?
Only colors currently available are the 99 copper, 00 blue and 02 silver.

You'll need some paint to do the others.
I'm still looking for some silver ones. If I find some, I think I'll offer them at eBay prices, $35 each + 15 shipping, oh, and of course I'll say they're 'extremely rare' to justify the price.

J/K, cost plus shipping if I find a stash of 'em.
Just let me knowwhen you find them
and I'll take one ! Thanks !

If you find an '02 silver I'll take one too. I've got a blue/silver on the way from Captain, but want a silver/silver too.

I'll keep my eyes peeled. Got about 10 local Wal-Marts and 2 Fry's. Bound to have them sometime (about the only reason I ever go to stores is to look for these

They don't make black/silver yet.

I just got two coppers. Should be $4 with shipping (I'll figure exact amount tomorrow).

First come.