anyone using FMF pipes?

Still new to the busa clan, so I was just wondering if anyone is using the FMF slipons on their busa and are they to loud? or nice and deep sounding? Also was wondering what color I should use (if you guys say the pipes are okay), the bronze or clear? I have a 06 pearl white limited busa, which color you think would look best on this bike? I also am leaning towards the yoursh TRS  pipes, as this is what my wife runs on her FZ1 and it sounds perfect,deep, not to lound.

P.S> rechecked the FMF site, I didn't realize that its a whole system, so its either the yoush or leo vince slipons.
(StreetnTrack @ Oct. 10 2006,19:24) let me know if you need some new slip ons.
Im going to go with a full muzzy four into one, I just found out that the system will fit with my optional center stand I just put on, I like the sound of the four into one better.And the extra weight that that it will take off since I put on with the center stand?

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