Anyone use this before?


I've got the pingel version. Raise the bars 1" and cut the seat 1" will make it more comfortable. I also modded some gsxr1k pegs I had laying around which gave me about an inch more legroom.


They work good but if you have the money get the Heli-Bars ( way better ) and they will change they angle of you wrist , the risers will not. There are tons of threads on this.


I ordered them before i even got the bike put them on with 6 miles on the clock and for 18.00 you can't beat them. I also painted them black so they blend in better.


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After the install make sure you turn the handle bars full left and right to check clearance. The front brake lever is important.


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I have the Soupys 1 inch block and love it.


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I've got em...only complaint is the small amount of "flexing" they allow that a solid 1 piece spacer would not. But comfort wise they're great!


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I bought the Genmar 1 1/4 handle bar risers. If I turn the bars all the way to lock I tap the mirror mounts. I don't consider this a problem. The only time I put the bars that far over is when I am parking or backing up. If I go that far during ridding conditions I have bigger problems then the mirror mount. As for the ones in the link I looked at them and wondered if there might be a stressing torque issue latter down the road. The grips offer good lever arms. But at an 1/8 the price you be the judge.


Yes I tried the Soupy's. Compared to the stock set up of course they are more comfortable. The disadvatage using these is that they don't bring the bars back. So I took them off and put the Heli Bars on. This brought the bars back a little bit but that little bit makes a big difference. But the disadvantage for me was the Heli Bars by themselves are not tall enough. So I went to the hardware store and bought 4 brass nuts about 5/16 high and installed them as you would the Soupy's. The brass nuts don't look that bad either. Now combined with the raised Heli-Bars works out better for me. Some guys like to use the Gen-Mar and the Heli-Bars but I would caution you that if you do this you may need longer brake lines and possibly longer throttle cables too. But you can do a search and I'm sure you will find more talk on Gen-Mar & Heli Bar combo's if you are interested.

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