anyone seen these


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This electronic shifting device enable rider to change gears at Full throttle without using clutch or deceleration. During gear shifting, power supply is temporarily disconnected, basically the engine is switched off for 18ms to 130ms. This level of down time is adjustable by rider prior to racing. A pilot light is included in the electronic kit and is light informs rider when reaching optimum rotations/per/minute and to change gears. Triggering of the pilot light may also be adjusted, in the range from 4,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm.

This product is similar to Formula 1 wheel-gearshifting and has taken 8 months of testing to perfect. During testing, with novices and expert riders it was found that when using electronic shifting gear changing is two times faster than normal. As tested on Grand Prix circuit in Brno Czech Republic, the difference per 1 lap is about 3 seconds with a professional rider onboard.

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WOW!!! that looks like a cool set up. amsctalx keep us informed and let us know. I think I might be interested in something like that.
I have a few Translogic Quickshifter 3's on order due mid July (slow boat from Europe). They are a very clean piece, check out all the included functions for a hair over $500! I am really looking forward to swapping out the Holeshot barrel switch set up. The Holeshot system is great with the barrel switch, I would never go back to the old brake light switch

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