Anyone running a horizontal air shifter setup?


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Is anyone or has anyone run a setup like this?

I currently have the vertical setup but want to run aftermarket rear sets.

However, the aftermarket rear sets have a longer throw and won't work with the piston travel I have.

Has anyone tried the lay down style shifter setup and does it work well?


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Throw shouldn't matter as this clevis shifts right off the shaft. This is the old gatlin style lee shierts setup. I'm doing one on my bike as we speak..
I have a horizontal cylinder on both my bikes, but the bracket is the Spencer Cycle type, that bolts under the rear set. My project bike has Vortex rearsets on it, and it works fine


mine is vertical but if u talk with Matt at cycletek he will tell u the problems he has seen with air shifting always comes from the vertical setups vs the horizontal. but im thinkn that was due to older designs.

im on the fence to either keep mine vertical or go horizontal cause I was havn some shifting issues last year but I think if u purchase the shift assembly from spencer you wont have any issues. thats most likely the route im gonna go my self just not sure yet.

and im running RCC rear sets.


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Daniel- I like the one from Lee because it hides everything under the fairings. My only concern is the throw and if my regulator will fit since I have it mounted directly to the cylinder...hmm...

Ludicrous- have you had any trouble with that mount sliding on the shift shaft as it cycles? Also, how do you have your regulator setup? I don't see it mounted direct, do you run the hose up under the tail somewhere? Will it even fit attached direct in that location with the kickstand up and everything?

This is my current setup...

I have never had an issue with the piece sliding at all.

I have the solenoid mounted directly to the ram. I then run the line along the front of the arm, and bring it up the RH side, to keep it away from the chain. I actually have the swingarm off right now, I will go take a pic in a minute.

I always heard that mounted to the lever is the best way, as the lever gives the ram more leverage, and I was considering mounting mine that way. I was going to have a piece machined up to mount to the Vortex shift lever, so it would look better!
The one that mounts under the fairing also requires you to remove the kickstand switch.

After watching a friend wreck his bike at the track one time because he left the stand down, I want to leave the switch hooked up.


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Thanks for the pics, that's a nice little setup! :thumbsup:

I never thought about the kickstand switch and like you....DO NOT want to remove that...hmm... :banghead:

I wonder if the rear fairing on a Gen-2 covers that setup any or if it's just in the open area abeam the kickstand?

It also requires the cylinder to push instead of pull to shift like the vertical setup.


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Thank you Ludicrous! :thumbsup:

If you don't mind, can you get one with the kickstand up? Further away is fine if you dont' mind? Also, can you get one looking from above and behind like in the top pics?

You're the man, really appreciate it... :beerchug:

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