Anyone ride their Busa on track days?

I just bought my first Busa and I'm wondering if any of you guys take them to the track. I used to go on my gsxr 750 and loved it...I'd hate to think my track days are over. The bike is setup very well...BST's, Ohlins, Pirelli's etc...but it will never be a 750 in the twisties. I'd like to hear your stories and advice (or warnings). Thanks
That's good to hear... I was hoping that was the case. I consider myself a good rider..I've never been down on the track and I ride pretty aggressively..I figure I'll just have to take it very slow and get used to the different physics involved with a heavier bike. Thanks..


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If you're that serious about track riding, I guarantee you'll have great deals of fun! If set up properly including rider skilz, you can "roll with the big dogs" and have a lot of folks very surprised many track folks just aren't used to seeing a Busa riden hard like that. Remember, she kind of has "equal say" with you when hammering hard around a track...respect the big beast and she'll carry you like a chariot! Good luck and welcome to the org AND the small fraternity of "Busa track guys"! Doyle







Great pics Doyle...those were very encouraging...thanks. I'm looking forward to getting out there and having some fun...I just want to get an idea of what I'm in for. I plan to just coast the first couple times...figure out my lines and not rush it. My 750 gave great feedback and I was able to slide it around a little....I don't think I want to push the Busa that hard..but I'm sure it will be a blast regardless.
The Busa does just fine. When you are really good there isn't enough clearance for the fairings so you will rub. The next step is taller rear tire and raising the bike. If your aggressive like me, better brakes are necessary. I am not always the smoothest rider so sometimes when I am trying to make up time and go into corners coming in hot, good brakes are appreciated.


I will never forget the story I read in one of those hardcore sportbike magazines. Some ex racer turned journalist was testing the new 2008 Busa and absolutely loving the way it handled in stock form. The lap times he was turning were competitive for a stock bike as I recall. He was quoted saying it hauled ass or something like that ! :laugh:

By the way... those a great pictures ! thanks for posting them up.
They are a lot of fun on the track. I would just do as you say you are going to and take it easy at first. These are big girls and often are 150 lbs more in weight than most. With this added weight the tires get worked like no other.






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Oh heck yeah. My first two seasons on the track were on my Busa. Two things I'd recommend you be careful about:

1. If you are running with the smaller bikes when you get to the brake marker, remember they can slow down and turn in QUICKER THAN YOU CAN....
2. When coming out of the hole, don't just jam the throttle; instead roll into it until you are vertical and then you can hammer it and zoom by EVERYBODY, but remember #1 above...

From my very first trackday 2009...I have improved a whole lot since then...

Extremely stable bike on the track. Depending on the type of track your on remember the heavy bike will boil the brake fluid and loose some brake performance.



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Dont get too big for your britches, and have fun. Take it easy till you learn how she handles on the track. With that said, there is nothing more fun than passing on the outside with your knee down and having guys come up to see what your riding.

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The busa is great fun on the track. At our local track, Heartland Park, Topeka, Kansas, the busa WILL haul butt!





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I sure miss going and seeing the members.. If I recall correctly at one point in 2011 we had about 7 busas on the track at the same time for 2 weekends in a row...








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These pics are great... and thanks for the tips. I know braking will be an issue..but thankfully the guy didn't spare any expense in that area. Brembo/Vesrah/Wave setup with Spiegler Stainless Steel lines. That and the BST's should help me out some. I've never ridden on CF wheels...but from what I've read in reviews and forums..they make for a lighter turn in. But like Twotonevert said...I won't get too big for my britches or assume that good equipment will allow me to be reckless. I just wanna have fun...and get on my skills before I start clowning the occasional liter OMG that would be priceless to pass on the outside like he also mentioned....on a Busa :)

@SKydivr...I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. There are a couple tracks within a reasonable distance (180 miles or so) that I'm aware of. MidAmerica Motoplex is in Sioux Falls S. Dakota and Motorsports Park Hastings is in Hastings Nebraska. I haven't ridden on either as I moved here from Texas a few years ago. I'll probably get a trailer...but until then I can see myself just riding out..staying the night and coming back the next day.


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Oh....if we are going to show Uncle Steve pics...then how about THE most famous one of all :)

OP: Now that you have stated your location, I would shortly expect recommendations from other riders in your area about your track choices...good luck. Recommend trailer bcause you dont' want to waste your new tire tread on the interstate save for track instead....

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That pic is out of control... As for the trailer,'re right..I'm just not sure I can wait that long. I won't be trying to tear it up the first couple times though...just getting to know the ol' girl.

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