Anyone Recovered an Akrapovic Canister


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Been looking at the Akra canister on Midnight and don't like the dinginess it has to it. I know they make a repair kit to replace the cover, the rivets, bands and packing material but how hard is it to do? Are the rivets easy to remove and pop in the new ones? Doesn't look as easy as removing the bolts from a fairing. Any and all help is appreciated.


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i've done it before..

no big deal..

drill the rivets... slide the sleeve off.. take the old packing out.. replace with the new.. most kits have some kinda tape to put around it to make it easier.. if it doesn't.. .. well I dunno what to tell you in that case... maybe some sewing thread in a few places to keep it from being a pain.. and not starting a fire.. or a big one ayway..

put the the new sleeve, inlet/outlet.. whatever ya got.. and put the rivets back in and your done. ..

maybe clean the main pipe off a bit when your in there.. but 10 minutes of riding and it'll be back to the same shape.


enzyme of hypoverbage
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you might try some very mild rubbing compound on the sleeve before you replace it though.. i'm sure it ain't cheap.

try it some where out of site before you do the whole thing of course.. may perk it right back up.

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use a small drill bit to remove rivets 1/16 or 1/8 inch and you can buy a rivet gun at any hardware store also you can buy a fiberglass tape that has an adhesive on it to hold packing material tight why ya slide the new sleeve over it good luck but i would try some cleaners and polishes first just a thought

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