Anyone own a Glock 30?


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I pretty much had my mind made up on a model 23 .40 cal, then I saw the model 30 .45 cal. It looks like a good mid-size winter carry piece, if a little overkill.
Any insight or other model recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I was even eyeballing the 10mm.


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I've got a fullsize Glock 21 in the 45ACP, but have never fired the 30. I've got large hands, so the 21 is just right for me. Can't go wrong with a Glock though IMHO.


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i love the glocks i carry either the 33(357) or the 30 both shoot great and good concealed guns


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i've got the Glock 22 in .40 cal. and a Ruger P90 in .45...while the .45 is nice, i can def. throw a tighter, faster grouping with the .40

which one you want to get depends on what you want to use it me, the .45 kicks just a little too much to get it back on target as fast as i like

most important, get a gun that "fits" your hands and whatever you get...practice, practice, practice
I have had the 30 and its a great gun. I train quite a bit at a school here in Oregon. One thing I found is my pinky slipped over the edge of the grip when my hands were sweaty, 100 degrees out. I know you can get the pinking +0 extension with an extra finger grip, but when the mags are on your weak side they do poke out a bit.

I have a glock 17 for general training when I am low on funds for ammo. But mostly I carry my Kimber Custom II. I have about 6000rds through it with no malfunctions. The 30 is a bit wide to carry IWB carry for me even in a milt sparks VMII holster. I also found the sights to be a bit wide for shooting accurate, but good for quick point shooting in self defense.


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I own a Glock 22 full size 40cal. and the 27 sub-compact 40cal. I really like these weapons for all around use, they can take alot of abuse and just keep going and it seems I can find better deals locally on ammo than my friends with their 45's.
And I say if 40cal. is good enough for our local LEO's then it's good enough for me.


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I love my Glock 30 so much, I sold my model 19 (9mm). I was a bit more accurate shooting the 30 than the lighter 19.    
Oh, and I don't think there's such thing as "overkill" when it comes to personal protection!



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Thanks everybody for the input so far. I forgot about the 27. It seems to be roughly the same frame size as the 30 but narrower, and my pinky does sit at the very bottom on both, but I don't think that would be too big of a problem. The slightly shorter grip is definitely a pro for concealed carry.

Right now I use my Kel Tec .380 in a paddle holster for summer and my S&W Sigma 40C in a clip-on under jacket for cold weather, but I have a buyer for the S&W. The compact Smith is actually like a mid size Glock, and the grip digs into everything; that's why I'm switching.

I like all the pro comments for the quality, one of my main concerns. I might just go with the 27 for now and add a full size .45 later. Decisions Decisions...


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it was an easy choice .... .40 CAL of the year.....and my 9MM 3" sub compact for personal carry.

all the greatness of the "other brand" without obnoxious $$$



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I have a Glock 20 10mm and a H&K USP .40 that I havent even shot yet.

I owned the Glock 10 years ago then sold it, couldnt miss if I tried real hard, picked it up again and grouped it like I owned it yesterday. They are truly an amazing piece.

You guys have it great down South, the used Glock cost me 850.00, and I have seen them for sale brand new in USA for 450.00. Glocks are insanely priced here, new or used.


I have a Glock 36, it's a .45 caliber, 6+1, it's here on the left next to a 9mm and another 45. Yeah the grip is smaller than my hand, but It works great for what I need it for.

I'll also post a few photos of me carrying while riding, you can't even tell I have it on me. The first is my favorite.

I'm wearing it here too.


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Yikes- blonde hair and a 3 day beard and you look like t-bag from Prson Break!

Is that you???

just kidding. Nice pics. Love the black busa.
I'm going to go way out on a limb here and recommend you get the 10mm, model 20 (fullsize) or model 29 (subcompact). Factory ammo for it isn't really any more expensive and if you reload yourself you can really wake it up with the full power loads. The original 10mm round was a wildcatted .41 magnum that was adopted by the FBI back in the 80s but a lot of their smaller agents and female agents complained about the recoil from the full sized 200+gr bullet so most of the factory ammunition out there is smaller and less powerful in order to duplicate the performance capabilites of the .40.

I'm probably offending the .40 shooters who don't like the full powered 10mm rounds and the 45ACP guys who never seem to think anything less than .450" is big enough, But I'd wanted a 10mm for the longest time and I finally found a good used S&W 1076 for a reasonable price about three months ago. I'm almost positive that Glock is the only arms manufacturer making a 10mm auto at the moment because Colt's Delta Elite, S&W's 1076, and Bren's Ten were all discontinued.

Now I'm definitely a guy who's guilty of liking a caliber just because no one else shoots it (I've got a ton of weapons in weird calibers that no one else shoots) but I'm being perfectly honest when I say that the 1076 is probably my favorite of all the (way too many) pistols I own. The 10mm still puts a smile on my face every time I pull the trigger.

BusaCruise is right on though, the Springfield XD is pretty much the best .40 on the market right now. Great gun, good feel if you're not crazy about the grip angle on Glocks, GREAT price, and a decent holster/mag holder included. (Mine is in .357 Sig, but then again...that's me and my weird calibers again, plus I can always throw a .40 barrel in it and shoot 40 S&W if they start selling barrels separate)


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I did look at a model 29 the other day as well; in fact I spotted the 10mm first thing. Very impressive round... I also looked at a .357 Sig and another compact .45. I like the looks of that Sprinfield XD; available in a 10mm?
There were talks when the XD first came out (or rather, when Springfield first bought it from whoever it was in Croatia that they bought it from) of releasing a 10mm version but it hasn't happened yet and I haven't heard anything about it for a long time. As far as I know the Glock is the only autoloader chambered in 10mm at the moment, but there are a few wheel guns out in 10mm.

If you're looking at the XD and you're interested in the .357 Sig round (which is another GREAT round by the way) I'd say get the .357 and you can always switch back and forth. It's my understanding that the .357 Sig model doesn't mind having 40 S&W shot out of it (with just a barrel change), but the .40 model goes somewhat beyond its stress point when subjected to the insane case pressures of the .357 Sig round. I don't know of any failing yet but it's never good to take guns past the published limits of their structural integrity.

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