Anyone near sheldon, iowa?

Im about one hour a way or less if on the busa
Ya -- I gotta go out to the Maintainer facilities for training
Doubt the company will provide a busa for me
i'm about to far away. I'm about 4 hrs and I'm still in the same damn state. Dang iowa is not small.
never know what the weather will be like in oct here I have seen trick or treat cancelled due to a blizzard (my kids were pizzed) or its been 80 degrees of course I always hope for 80 so I can ride
Yup was gonna be my next question - whats the weather gonna be like
be warned -- if i show up some kinda weird phenomenon is bound to occur
bring a sweatshirt and bring your shorts.

its snowed in oct and been 80+ degrees.

you should be covered either way.