Anyone know the details


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like the whole video clip, how bad were the guys or harleys bent?

Old news bro...that was posted two or three times before Nelson picked it up
After a careful listen ... he did say " oh their gonna beat our arses ... we better get outa here ... "
I love that clip...

Idiots out on their weekend pose and cruise... I doubt anyone was really hurt too bad, they simply weren't going fast enough. The clip looping in the avatar is in High speed, in the clip I saw they come by what appears to be Motor-Home traveling maybe 15-25mph.

Still too fast for their lack of skill to handle.

I saw something similar in Colorado. Guy couldn't stand my passing him on a sport bike and as I was cruising along this numb but went rocketing around the outside of a blind right hander and just missed a head on with a car, instead running off the road. he ride landed in the Poudre River he landed in some weeds. Broken leg, lots of abrasions.

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