Anyone in Arizona Hack ECUs? Major Issues With ECU Editior...

Road Weazel

Good evening, guys.
I've got a '99 Hayabusa with a 2005 ECU and rotor, Hahn Turbo Kit, Wossner 9:1 pistons, cams at 105 and 105 LC, water injection, APE valve springs, cylinder studs and crank studs (and some more).
I'm in a real spot here and have been having major issues with ECU Editor. I had trouble connecting with my home-built interface and tried several times. I deleted are re-installed the software several times, and even set up my computer to run as 'Administrator' as recommended for Windows 7 by BoostBySmith. Now I can't even load the ECU Editor software and I have pop-ups on my computer.
I need to get the limiter removed and the hard cut enabled. Extending the rev limiter and advancing and retarding the timing would be nice, too.
Is there anyone in Arizona that can/will do an ECU Hack for me?