Anyone here into metal detectors and dirt fishing?


Dis in my way!
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Got a new metal detector for Christmas, Whites CoinMaster Pro GT with Garrett Pinpoint detector. We have been out a couple of hours every day and found some fun stuff, been really good for the family to get outside and do something together...

Who's into this?
I've always been interested in checking one out. Folsom lake here is soooo low I bet there are a few gopro cameras in the dry sand.
I've always wanted to give that a try but I was always concerned about knowing which detector to get and wasting money on junk.
I'ts on my list of things to do...I look for arrowheads, and find some interesting metal sometimes... really would like to find the lost gold though... oh, and get a good arrowhead detector..:laugh:
I dabble in it a bit...purchased a permit for our local lake a couple years ago to detect on the beach area after closing hours. I found the beach appeared to be built over old barns and farmland with layers and layers of nails about 10 inches deep and useless for detecting.

I've used mine more recently for locating lines underground for digging in the yard.
I have a displays what the target might be...with practice and a few other tools it would be more effective. Usually I find a spot...dig a bit and see where the item is...if it is still in the hole or in the plug. A few things I found are coins, rings, and endless junk. It can be a fun some clubs / groups have hide and seek games for kids / adults to locate the item...then hide it again for the next guy to find.
My wife does this in her spare time and enjoys being outside and the thrill of finding something interesting. The pin-point detector is key for making a discovery.
The pin-point detector is key for making a discovery
Amen to that, I tried detecting without it and it was a miserable experience...
The one I have is a whites has a somewhat 2 stage trigger as far as being more sensitive. On some tv show the guys had a small screwdriver size that what you use in addition to the regular metal detector?