Anyone here a fan of anime ???


Anyone else here a fan of Japanamation . And I'm not talking just Dragonball Z and all the cute toons on the anime channel. I'm talking about something with an edge , something more mature. Not the pornamation that comes out of japan but a good story with maybe some bloodshed and epic battles between the forces of good and evil. I watched one today called Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror that was off the hook. No wonder hollywood is stealing all their new stuff from Asian cinema. It was 3 different horror stories by different animators but the stories were awesome .
Who out there in the know has anything that I might have missed over the last year or so ?
cant count out the old classic either...... Ghost in the shell is one of my favortes....Ninja Scrolls is really good too but a lot of blood shed. Vampire hunter D is alright. Most of the Gundam stuff is pretty cool. O, cant for get about Akria. Thats the one that started it all for me.

The bubblegum crisis is girly but cool.

could go on for days.
Akria was the one that got me hooked too. Then came Fist Of The Northstar . I've seen both Vampire Hunter D's and Ninja Scroll's plus most of that series . But thats the kind of anime I like . Blood The Last Vampire comes to mind also .
I just get burned out trying to keep up with a series , Ya Know . And I've been out of the loop for over a year so I thought maybe something really good had slipped thru on me . Like Karas (see my avatar) , That really smoked but it's all CGI . But REALLY well done with mind blowing fights.
my last post dissappeared- so here's the condensed version:

check'em out they're all good.
Plastic Little
Full Metal Panic
AppleSeed (awesome old version n a new CGI just came out)
Kekko Kamen
Cutey Honey
Devil Hunter Yohko
Vampire Princess Miyu
Bubblegum Crisis
TTS Airbats
Dirty Pair
Riding Bean
Battle Angel Alita (strong second only to Akira-great movie, great animation)
my two personal favorite series:
Guyver (good anime 4 back in the day)
Initial D (awesome Drift anime series, just redone as a Live-action movie with some top Chinese actors by Tai Seng. I own the anime series n the live-action one. They all f**kn ROCK!)

n this is to show HOW much I love anime-only true "Otaku no anime" will go THIS far-

I likes it! And DragonballZ was one of my favs, but Guyver was the coolest, I liked the movies they did too.