Anyone heading down to Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Memorial Weekend)?

I will be getting there the 22nd and not leaving til the 27th. This will be my first time on Twos and I cant wait!! Any suggestions from you vets out there?


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I will be getting there the 22nd and not leaving til the 27th. This will be my first time on Twos and I cant wait!! Any suggestions from you vets out there?
Never been there on a bike, but I've been down there every year for the 6-7 years. Be mindful of the LEO's down there. They are every where during the day and will not deal with "screwing around" lightly.


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Yes, during the two bike week events Law Enforcement is thick and Myrtle Beach cops are world renound for not bull chitting around. Bike security should be very , very high on your list. I stay south of Atlantic Beach with 24 / 7 secure parking.

I'm gonna try to get over that way if I can.

Every agency in the state are asked to send people to work those weeks and SLED has a heavy presents.


I stopped going down there a long long time ago........ Complete waste of time IMO :whistle: that used to be the spot to go but there is sooo many laws now rules and regulations its flat out ridiculous. Not to mention how the city is setup ur sitting in traffic 3/4 of ur time there roasting ur unmentionables and the bikes engine. Then to top it off you either gotta take your bike into the hotel room with you or hire an armed sentry to guard over it while you sleep because "They" are on the prowl. So if the ticket cops on mountain bikes don't get you for some petty bullchit reason the bike jackers will........ And 4 what? To roll around on ur bike doing 5mph sweatin ballz to impress some bike groupie chick? Good luck bro!


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I'm going this year, have been since 98 off and on. I would second bike security, but then again just normal locking up as you would traveling should be fine.

It is a lot Leo's but just obey the law and enjoy the scenery and beautiful bikes and you will be fine. Also what ever you do leave expectations at home and let loose is the best way to enjoy your time.
Yup I'm going. It's been a few years since I've been but ive heard things are pretty mucJust like they said above LE are everywhere but just obey the laws and you'll be fine.h back to normal now or they way they use to be.

A friend that retired from us moved down and he said that a few police that he knows said that cruiser week is bad with the fights and drunks and sport-bike week is bad with accidents.

I got a ticket one time for "slipping" through a yellow light...$260. I honestly don't think I deserved it but he said it was red what could I do but pay it :(
I've heard about bikes being stolen on both weeks so just take proactive security measures and you should be okay.

We stay in $300 a night villa that provides very good security with security guards and polices officer on the premises.

I think it's an experience that you should have at least one time even if just to see 30,000 bikes in the same town at one time...overwhelming
OK Dumb Question..... This is my first time heading to Myrtle Beach, is there really two weeks back to back one cruiser and one more sport bike ordinated?


Yes.......... It used to be called "Black Biker Weekend" when I used to go. It wasnt necessarilly a Black only event but alot of Black Biker clubs would make the trip there and it had a predominantly Hip Hop vibe to it. Nothing but sportbikes and any car imaginable on huge azz rims bumping stereo systems as far as the eye can see and girls in bikini's would come out the woodwork. The following weekend the harleys would putt into town :laugh: Now girls cant walk around in a bathing suit gotta be covered up, you gotta wear a helmet and a parka even though the top speed your gonna go in traffic is a blistering 5mph, your not gonna see bike groupies riding on the back with thier thongs and azzez hanging out :cry:
Depending on what you are into, it's not that bad. I will say that the Harley bike week, which is before BBW makes it tougher on the BBW because they fight and tear **** up. BBW they party and girls shake some butt and the cars create havoc on the strip but I have never had a bad BBW.
I rode to Sturgis last year, not that I hate Harleys but I've had enough of them for a while, I'm just going to have to move my trip 2 weeks.
Thanks for clarifying everything.
Big Moe,

I've been going every year since 2002. I admit things have changed, but the folks you are down there with makes the difference. Bike security should always your first priority. Polices are down there, but if you are doing the right thing they don't bother you. Other than that avoid riding up and down Ocean Blvd all day, Busas hate that stop and go traffic. Everything has moved to North Myrtle not a lot going on in Myrtle. Things should be pretty quite on 22nd but will start to pick up on the 23rd. ****'s Last Resort on King's Hwy located by the House of Blues always does a BIG Meet and Greet on Thursday evening. Hooters on King Hwy has also picked up in popularity. Be sure to hit Broadway on the Beach Friday or Saturday night, and keep your ears open for what club is throwing a party. Other than that enjoy yourself, and keep the smooth side up. I'll have boots on the ground sometime Thursday (23rd) afternoon. So look for me, Orange and Blk 08 Busa, shining light on the tail, GA plates, and flying DO or DIE Augusta Colors. They call me Wat100, GONE.

There used to be two bike feast back to back. You would have the Harley Bike Feast which ran for nine days and end the Sunday week before Memorial Day. Then you would have the Atlantic Beach Feast which is technically only the weekend before Memorial day but folks have strength it out by starting to arrive in town early in the week.


Ok thanks for the update on helmets, like I said I havent been down there in a very long time............... Last time I was down there they were trying to enforce this dumb:moon: rule that 21 and older didnt have to wear a helmet but under 21 had to?? 1of the most absurd and ridiculous laws i ever heard of :banghead: 1 of the many reasons I pulled anchor on myrtle and never looked back :whistle:

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