Anyone have this problem?


I ride with my girlfriend quite a bit, and I noticed that the rear decal above the passenger foot peg is starting to get nicked. Anyone have this problem and if so what do ya do instead of kicking her off?

Also looking for advice on a good tank protector. Magknight makes a color match one that I am looking for. Does anyone have one of these, or any other thats a good quality.

Should I be looking for a magnetic one?

i do not do passengers often. Actually only once. Mag light works well if you get the large ones. the stick on Chrome look better and protect a little better. i have one on the tank nad one on the front of the tank near the key. Also a small one on the hump where your back goes up against it.
I have the leather bra on mine and it looks and works good. I have also seen the clear 3m adhesive stuff which if applied right is really hard to see. I assume that once that gets scratched you can see it though.
I went with the bra cause with the black color, it shows every little "scratch" and I was noticing little scratches on the sides where my legs hit.
Good luck
Bull, here is a pic of the color matched for my 03. I like the cover. It forms right to the tank so no debris gets underneath like on a leather cover. A little pricy but I think worth it.