Anyone have their leather pants altered?


I'm looking at buying my first set of leathers and I'm going to go with a 2 piece pant and jacket setup. My concern is that I have a 31 inch inseam and a 38 inch waist. Most pants I've found with a 38 inch waist have a 35 inch inseam. No for possibly a stupid question - has anyone had their leather pants hemmed/altered for a shorter inseam? If so, who did you go through and what did it cost?
Hello I have short legs too and have a hard time finding the right leg length. Not sure if your interested or not but I did my own, used a product called speed sew. Worked great for me, no use for tread or needle. It is a silicone based glue works great on leather.
For a 4" difference I wouldn't be overly concerned, as they will be tucked in your boots and you'll have a little slack to move up and down. Some of the bottom can be trimmed and shorter zippers could be sewn in if needed. Any leather shop or seamstress could handle that and it shouldn't be very expensive.
Best thing to do with new leathers too is to go for a ride in the rain, getting soaked, and riding until they dry if possible...seriously. This will soften the leather and help it conform to your body much better. I never belived it either until years ago I got caught in a downpour on the Blue Ridge Parkway in new leathers. It passed, I dryed, and the next time I put them on I was amazed at the improvement.
Some folks just get soaked with the hose and go ride til they dry too.:beerchug:
If you buy pants with knee cups which most leather pants have and if they are three or more inches to long you'll need to shorten the thigh length or the cup will hang below the knee and be a pain in the butt.

I'd suggest you go to a dealer and try on leathers until you find a proper fit. Otherwise you most likely won't be happy with an online purchase.