Anyone have pics of front lowering strap?


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I've searched, and cant seem to find any pics on the routing of the lowering strap used for the front. I have the lowering strap and links to install before this w/e so I can see if I am keeping them or going a different route. If you have pics and dont want to post/cant post, please email. The Schnitz instructions just bolt to caliper bolt, route over the triple clamp and bolt to opposite side, tighten and be happy basically. I am wondering HTF does it route over the triple? TIA.



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So bolt it down to the top caliper bolt, routing it up thru the fairing, over the neck of the frame b/w tank and steering head, back down and bolt opposite side? I thought about that, but figure the strap would end up being rubbing on the frame since the frame is stationary and the forks turn...


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Ok, got it installed and tightened down. Figure I'll ride it front down, back stock and see how it feels...will it turn-in better etc. Then try it lowered on first hole, repeat the ride assessment, finally on to the last hole down. Eventually I can see myself buying a lowering top clamp.
try this instead... I am leary of putting a strap around the triple area for fear it could bind in the tree itself causing an unintended rapid departure form the bike.

attach one end to the left caliper top mounting bolt. use a 1" spacer and a bolt of course that is 1" longer as well. mount the other end to the bottom triple tree clamping bolt. on the left of course. bring the strap end up between the gauges and the tree, fold it over on itself a few times (or cut the excess length off) and secure it with a zip tie. had the same strap on mine for more than 10k miles with zero problems.


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So your LS is only one side? Seems like it would pre-load that fork unequally... I have mine routed under the tank. Unbolt front tank bolts, lifted slightly, slid strap under tank, bolted tank back down loosely, pulled strap, secured excess and tightened tank. Will report later tomorrow whats up.


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The lowering strap is not meant to be used on the street. Tightens up your steering. If you want the lowered stance for the street, the triple tree is the way to go unless you want to spend more money and redo the forks.


umm yeah dont ride it strapped you will have no steerring and it can ruin your fork seals you will have no rebound or anything your best bet is to buy a triple tree cover and ride i have some customs dog bones made so you can lower the rear like 2 if you want them pm me


I routed mine behind the clutch line and throttle cables so the strap doesn't cut into them. I also don't have any tension of mine during normal riding.


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I run my strap 24/7 on my bike. Not tightened though. You have to leave alittle slack for general riding. Make sure to run the strap under the cables and any hoses.
fact or fiction? you guys read too much stuff on the internet. they were developed for the track and product liability reasons and the fact it is s non DOT approved suspension device, it is not "intended for the street."

my **** was lowered through the trees an 1", and strapped to the ground for 10k+ miles.

no fork binding
no unequal fork load
no leaky fork seals
no excessive wear
no problems

I rode this thing to work, out on weekends, to car shows, everywhere. no problems. check it regularly for cracks or fraying. this is my 69" wheelbase, fairings are cut to allow for clearance in this pic so you have an ida of how low it was on the street. granted the roads in the phoenix area are really nice and essentially pothole free. not suitable for a lot of east coast cities.


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