Anyone have a hookup for buying new dirtbikes?


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I wanted to check and see if anyone here has a hookup with a shop that sells dirtbikes. My brother n'law is looking to get 2 new bikes. A Kawi KX450R and a CRF150R expert version liquid cooled.

Any help would be great. He's looking to buy within a week.

540-223-3785 Paul
I could help, but it would be somehow pricey gettin' 'em from here to there.

Good luck~
Do they have to be new? I have a Honda CRF450x and an almost new CRF150 we are thinking about letting go.


2020 Yamaha Announces Limited Edition YZ500

Little history about the YZ490 .

The Yamaha YZ490
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The Yamaha YZ490
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First Photo and complete information
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For 2020 Yamaha YZ500 ,
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The 2020 YZ 500 will be available
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