Anyone Going to Galveston? 11/12 April


Just thought I would see if anyone from the Board was going to Galveston this weekend, Im in Arizona, me and 8 buddies will be towing are bikes down there for the Beach party going on. Let me know and maybe we can link up...........
Thats a Loooonnggg way to travel to get stuck in traffic, lol.

There's a post about it on SBN under the Texas forum. I've been in Galveston when there isn't ANYTHING going on, and it would take 2 hours to get thru the lights and to the ferry. If you wanna go just to sit on the bike in traffic, you're going to the right place.

You might as well fly and walk....
Better have some Muzzy fans on those bikes!
Gonna be sitting in some heat!

Can't make it, the bike will be down for another couple of weeks, still.