Anyone experienced starter problems on 01's?


I keep reading that some people with 00's and 02's are having starter failure issues. Anyone with an 01 having this issue? My 01 only has 540 miles but I am concerned about this issue happening down the line (although my bike has no symptoms). So far I have picked up these three rules:

1. When starting your Busa engage the starter button for at least 5 seconds (i.e. don't just bump it).

2. Don't let off the starter switch and then immeadiately hit it again.

3. Keep your battery completely charged.

Anyone care to make a comment on these rules (i.e. their validity)? What else, besides these three rules, can I do to prevent this starter failure (and possible case breakage) from occuring to my 01 Busa? I would rather spend the money now than wait for this problem to strike me out on the backroads.


your '01 is now out of warranty most likely, and no matter how much you baby the starter... it will break if it is weak. then you will have to buy the updated version. if you have the extended warranty, go in, tell them about your "real" symptoms, make them replace it. good luck.
you might be ok but it wouldn't hurt to buy the wider starter gear. Ripped out my starter and gear about a year ago not a cheap thing to do.
Yes my 01 starter...started to grab slip bang slip bang..fugly noises...What i have heard..any Busa in or out of warranty...
Suzuki will fix it free...Call 1-775-883-6611..ask for Craig
he may enlighten us on this subject..he told me this awhile back..i did get the parts i needed free..was still in warranty.