Anyone ever ridden to alaska?


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Have wanted to for some time now.  Haven't actually made plans but when I do, I plan to ride to NW WA. or Vancouver maybe and ferry/ship the bike (and me) to Anchorage and then ride north thru the Denali and Fairbanks and then follow the AlCan hiway back to the states across Canada and home to CA.  Time is the enemy for me so doing it this way saves some valuable time on the road, plus, not having to ride the same road twice on the same trip is always good, especially one as long as the AlCan.  One way its about 3,700 miles.  Get a copy of the Milepost before making any plans.  Hmmmm, next summer?

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I remember him saying he used Pilot Roads - but he'll tell you for sure.

How far can you go? To the end of the road. The reports I've read say that most of the unpaved sections are short and also hard-packed dirt/gravel. There may be better bikes for the unpaved parts, but for the other 98% of the trip you'll have the best mount.

If you decide to go, we'll need pics, of course....


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