Anyone else out there rockin this exhaust?


Hey hey!

I'm just checkin to see if anyone else happens to be rocking the same exhaust as I have...I've heard rumors that its fairly rare, especially in the states, so if you happen to have one, or know someone who does, let me know!

Its a Devil brand dual high mount exhaust with carbon fiber cans.

Came close to buying 1 on ebay a while back. Company no longer sells it's exhaust in the US so they are pretty hard to come by. I wanted to go with a lighter 4into1 exhaust but I heard those pipes sound pretty good
I remember that exhaust awhile back . have'nt seen one in forever
I REALLY like the way they sound, but its true that they aren't the lightest exhaust on the block for sure...I mostly got em because the price was right and they seemed really unique, Glad to know that they are indeed! :)
Doesn't Chris run this exhaust?

Edit: nevermind, I think he runs the HMF high exit....
Mcmustang has had one on his bike for years. Years I say