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A friend of mine linked me to this new website which is like myspace but for Riders. Seems like a good place to network outside of model/brand specific type boards. I know the site is relatively new, and has had its issues being up, then bogged down and so on, but already found a few new ppl to enjoy riding.

This is the begining of my page...never done the myspace thing so I have no clue as to how to select backgrounds, music etc..

*EDIT* Mods....if this is inappropriate (disrespectful) for posting the link please delete and accept advanced apology as I would understand. I just never remember to ask for permission, rather ask for forgiveness.

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spkrhed....your so sweet
I have no idea about any of these
???? sites, but figure this would be good for networking, finding parts local and getting rides together. friendless

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