Anyone else here been cursed with unhealthy teeth?

I have terrible teeth. Not as bad as some. You need to find a dentist you like. I'm in the dentist chair 4-5 times a year. It just gets to be something you do and youi'll keep your teeth longer.
Red Kat I feel your pain..... I had a bad boating accident in June of 1995! I was on a knee board doing 35mph jumping my parents boat wake, like I always do! Well the knee board strap broke in mid air....which caused the board to seperate from me. The board landed first with me crashing into it with my jaw! I felt my teeth exploded in too little pieces. Like having a lot of rocks and sand in your mouth. A few inches more and I would broken my neck. 9 months of grinding and fitting teeth to replace my once healthy teeth....but broken teeth. Too this very day I fight to keep them clean and in good shape, but it has never been the same. I will need to replace each cap and false tooth I have do to them wearing down or falling apart! My gumms are super sensitive etc. I hate having any work done to my mouth.... but I know it is needed to try to keep things in order... Just Plain sucks!
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