Anyone actually own beetle bags?


I've never seen them in person. Look pretty funky from the corbin pics though.

Capacity seems pretty small. Don't have a clue about quality.

If anyone has them please post up. I've considered getting them, but then i'ld have to get a low exhaust. And I don't want to even think about that unless i know for sure that these beetle bags are well worth the sacrifice
I am also interesting in getting them, but i havent found anyone who has them. I got a catalogue from corbin, but no real info is given. I am curious about if they are detachable. BTW, corbin tested their aerodynamic at salt flats, it say the bike lost 4 mph. Dezzy they do work with the stock pipes.
Those Corbin BB's are just too small and expensive ... IMO, althought they look quite nice. Givi/Kappa has the best hard luggage systems what I have seen, so far.

... But, Givi doesn't make racks to Busa anymore. Actually they recall all their Busa racks, because there was occured that subframe problem in -99/-00 Busas. (Well, those subframes had broken also with stock setup, no luggage systems, no aftermarkert exhaust system, nothing. ) Anyway, that's the reason why Givi has but their racks on hold. So, Busa's rack will be on hold until Suzuki recalls subframe for Busa's -99/-00 models. Idea is that all Busas have to have on same kind of subframe (-01 model versions). After that they will make some tests and if the new subframe pases the their tests, they will release that or newer version of that rack again.

Anyway, there is Givi/Kappa compatible racks available under FiveStars brand name also for the Busa.

Found this on Do a search for corbin hayabusa
Heard that the corbin bags didn't hold much and the givi held alot more. If you want to get more info get ahold of Beaudry Motorsports in Post Falls Idaho. The owner, Steve, has a set on his Busa and has a bracket set up for them. He's setting it up for touring and I heard that he's done it on older Busas as well. Hope this helps.
I personally, actually like the beetle bags.  They may not hold much but would be good for smaller trips.  I think it looks pretty good considering the fact that you can still have your seat cowl on the back and precurved leg room for a passengers legs.  These bags would more be for around town stuff, like shopping for clothes or groceries for one person or such.  But, you could still take them on long trips if it is just yourself.  Put all your smaller stuff in the saddle bags and strap on a tail bag or a givi tail bag and your set for fun.  Call me a poser, but I think the squadra blue and silver helmet and the blue bb's would be a great addition to this bike.
I have a set on my '02 and am quite pleased. Fit, finish and detail is great. Had a bit of trouble with a couple of the brackets lining up but I assume that was due to Suzuki manufacturing tolerances. Even considering that, I hd them mounted in less than an hour. And now that the brackets are installed, 3 bolts on each side and the bags are off in less than five minutes. Remaining brackets are pretty unobtrusive. Capacity is OK, could be more but then the bike would look like a Gold Wing. If anyone is interested in pictures I'll snap a few and post them. Delivery time was 7 weeks which was just what Corbin promised when I ordered them. Overall, a thumbs up on the Beetle Bags.