Anybody Remember The Billy Jack Movies?


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I'm still out processing now so I have alot of free time on my hands and have really stepped up my movie download efforts.As a kid growing up,these movies were very popular along with the "Walking Tall" series.I know I'm showing my age here,but these were some great flicks for the time.Anyway,I'm downloading all 4 of the movies now,cant wait to watch them again for the first time in how many years? :rofl::whistle:
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Billy Jack, The Green Hornet with Bruce Lee along with late blooming series 'Kung Fu' are probably what first sparked my interests in the martial arts.

Walking Tall was easy to emulate. You just had to know how to yield a large board.
I'm going to take this right foot and put it against the left side of your head and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.:thumbsup:
those were great movies...i think we all toted some bruises trying to copy what we watched! :laugh:
I hadn't thought of those movies in a long time. I need to go find them now.
BIlly Jack..good stuff..ditto for any thing Bronson..Who had Mom buy them the black scull cap?
:thumbsup: Good movies.

I seem to remember at one point they came on every couple of weeks or just replayed the movies alot?
never liked the Billy Jack much hollywood propaganda for my taste.

now if we are talking classic fight movies....

Enter the Dragon

or the "kung foo theater" legend...

Master of the flying guillotine