anybody know where i can buy a tobin without sending my seat??


i would like to get a set of front/rear tobin seats for my orange/black 08 busa but i don't like the idea of being without my seat for a few weeks. If i have to do this i will probably wait until winter. Anybody know someone that is selling a set, or if i can find a set online or somethin without sending my seat in
They sell them all day on eBay, but the thing that makes the seat so nice is that it is made to your specifications. You can always find an extra seat and send it off to be fixed up.
might just wait until winter and then decide if i want to get a set. With the weather getting nice and i've only had the beast for 3 weeks, it would kill me to be without a seat for a few weeks right now. Would it be ok to just ride it without a seat, just kidding
Buy another seat, either on ebay or from a Suzuki OEM dealer. Send it off to have it customized to your specs. When you get it back, check it out, and if all is well either sell your original seat, or post it up in the Pay It Forward thread.

Would it be ok to just ride it without a seat, just kidding

Just keep your nads off the positive and negitive battery posts and you'll be fine..

I'm in the same boat, I've even seen posts were it would take longer. ++1 wait for down time season of the year. All you can do is look at it