Anybody know what this is......:)


Man it has been my weekend to see cool cars! This is the first one I've seen on the street. Again, sorry for the partial pics, I was driving down the road....

I want one of these so bad......:bowdown:


they dont look comfortable but they are. i got to sit in one at a local store. there is an SS rolling around here in omaha too and its nice.


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I met one on the road the other day. Can't get over how BIG they are. Forking huge compared to the 68-69 they're suposed to be imitating.
I know of three that I see on a regular basis and I live in a city that's less than 60k people lol, they look badass in person though : D


I'm outta here!!!!
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They are sweet. The dealer where I got my new truck has them coming in all presold. -They have a real nice red one on the floor that is sold waiting on more add-on parts to come in the guy is having them istall. The car has every option there was plus he is adding ground effects and some other items.

I would love to have a British Racing Green one to go with my 68.

Camaro 005 (Small) (2).jpg


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is that price pre bailout or after..cause you have to include the TAXES your going to pay on it
the Camaro is Built in Oakville Ontario.... See truck loads of them heading your way on the 401,, Buy them up..... keep our Car industry going.:laugh: