Anybody have any experience with air supspension


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Any body have any thoughts on adjustable air suspension on the rear of our Haybusas? Occasionally there is this kit on Ebay for a couple hundred that replaces the rear spring with some sort of air cylinder. Anybody familiar with it?

How well does it work and what does it use for dampening (shock)?

Seems like a great idea for those like me, who want to profile in weeds, but have to have the ability to ride a passenger every now and again.

I've considered getting the threaded bones, there is still the time it takes to adjust, when you could just hit a button.

Here's the link:

<a href="
PageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">Expired Ebay auction</a>



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Hope it works better than the air shocks U can buy for trucks ......a harsh ride and with age they leak some


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That's a throw back from 20 years ago.
My CXT's have air adjustable front forks and an air adjustable rear mono-shock with a manual lever for rebound dampening.
I like it for ST bikes plus I can control the height of the bike. Takes seconds to adjust from a plush ride for the super slab to a nice tight suspension for twisties.

Bad part is the air pressure varies according to the outdoor temperature so if you're into fine tuning your bike to perfection for the twisties you'll constantly be tweaking the air pressure.

I think the idea died off due to added cost, weight and complexity. Not even sure if bikes like the Goldwing use air suspensions anymore.

If you were to install one on your Busa it would be a downgrade for performance as it would never be as good as what you have on there from the factory. For touring it would be a convenience, especially if you had an on board compressor.

My CXT's also have anti-dive forks which I'd love to see come back. Over bumps they act like normal forks. When you hit the brakes the caliper assemblies move up slightly and activate different dampening orifices which halt the front end from diving when you hit the brakes hard. There are 4 different orifice settings that can be selected by turning a selector from 1 to 4. Slick set up that works awesome.


Never seen or had one on a busa, but a buddy installed one on his Warrior and the handling was terrible -- lasted about a week (he sold it)


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Not looking to good then. I guess the tech hasn't evolved yet. I know they've got air adjustable suspensions over oil filled shocks for cars, I thought maybe they'd have something cool for bikes. Oh well.

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