Anybody From McHenry/Fox Lake Illinois??


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All the Michael Jackson stuff has me thinking back to my youth in the 80's.
I lived in Sunnyside and Fox Lake Ill. for a couple of the most intense years of my life in late '81, '82, and a little of '83. Was in my very early 20's and partied my a** off the whole time I was there.
MTV, girls, weed, lotta friends, and the best beer joints I've ever been to in my life.:beerchug:
Offhand chance, anybody on here from that area and era?
I'm wondering what happened to some of the people I knew there in McHenry. No worry, no one owes me anything, and I have nothing but great memories of the people and place (well, other than the horrifically cold winters, but even those have their share of great memories:laugh:).

Thinking about loading a few days stuff and taking a "way back machine" ride there sometime. Blarney's Island is calling.. Sunday afternoon,, bikini tops optional after 2:00PM...