Anybody ever used Suzuki's aftermarket windscreen?


Was digging around the factory site and came across a "double bubble" windscreen for the Gen I from Suzuki.

Has anybody used this?
Suzuki Cycles - Product Lines - Cycles - Products - Hayabusa - 2007 - GSX1300R - Accessories - Bolt-On Items - 99-07 Hayabusa Tinted Windshield w_Hayabusa Logo

Tinted Windshield w/Hayabusa Logo
Customize the profile of your Hayabusa with a custom molded sport-touring style lightly tinted polycarbonate windscreen. Only Genuine Suzuki Accessories windscreens are factory developed, tested and approved for the Hayabusa. Reshaped screen is 1-1/2â€￾ taller than stock for added wind protection. Hayabusa logo is screened on the inside for durability and great looks. Fits up to 2007 model year.

Part #: 990A0-60004

windscreen 990A0-60004.ashx.jpg
I have the SUZUKI double bubble windshield on my 2006 and my 2008 .:bowdown::bowdown::thumbsup:

I have one, no complaints. If your looking for a tinted screen pass on the zuk, its the same "tint" as the stock screen
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I have the Suzuki Sport Touring windshield with a light tint. I like the lines a lttle better than the DB. Just my preference. Wardie
my suzuki db fits good but not as tight as the original. other than that, it's a home run with quality and wind blockage.

I like the windscreen but I prefer the Zero Gravity Sport Touring myself I'll put my own Kanji sticker on it.I do a lot of distance riding on it and the protection is good.
I had a ZG STouring on the 99 and it was great.....but did get alot of helmet turblance (Shoei/Busa R1000) above 170mph.....I attributed it to my height..I'm 6'2"

Planning on getting a ZG Double Bubble for the 03...thinking that would cut some of the turbulance...what you guys with the DB"S say!
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Wow, talk about old threads crawling up from the dead!

Anyway, I've had the Suzuki touring windscreen for half a year and am very happy with it, both performance and looks. It's still on sale cheap at Onieda Suzuki.
Yep they are awesome. Completely changes the wind buffetting scenario, but doesn't significantly change the lines of the bike. :thumbsup:

I have the Suzuki sport touring screen and I like it a lot. I noticed right away that it is a lot quieter than with the stock wind screen. Whistle with helmet screen up is significantly less. :thumbsup: