Anybody been to Idaho Falls, Idaho?


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I know the elevation is 4700 feet, so I'll lose some power. The summer highs are around 85 with 50s in the evenings. Winters are long and have avg 30 high and 10 lows. The place is surrounded by the Grand Titon Mountains and is close to the Snake River. That's about all I know about it, except the pop is 50,000 and the crime rate is half of the American norm.


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I was in Idaho Falls from September '85 to February '86 (Yeah, I'm old
) for training with the Navy for nuclear power. There wasn't a lot to do in Idaho Falls, but Pocatello is only about 60 miles away, and there's tons of stuff to do there.

For the winter, there's a place called Kelly Canyon which was a nice snow ski area. They had trails from beginner to expert. That's where I learned to ski (fall down a lot). Do a yahoo search to find it, because I never drove there, so I have no idea where it's at.

This was all 20 years ago, so I'm sure things have changed quite a bit. Good Luck


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Man!!! I hope you love skiing cause your gonna be in some prime area! There is a resort close called Grand Targhee that is one of the best places to ski on this planet! They get an average of 500 inches of snow each year!! This is not a resort that gets a lot of outsiders so you will see some incredible local talent sking there. Ski resorts measure their traffic in skiers per acre. Grand Targhee measures their's in acres per skier! All of the powder you will ever want and they got grooms for you too. I love to ski and most places on the eastern seaboard I can run about anything they got but not at Grand Targhee! They have everything from bunny hills to X-treme sking! And when I say X-treme, I am talking the stuff you see on TV in slow-mo and go "Holy Sh!P" while you watch! It is on the north side of the Titons and it is always the north side of the mountain range that gets the most snow!


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I'm gonna learn if I have to wear my helmet! Always wanted to do that. The snowfall in TX is so small, it would take three yards to make a snowman's head

Looking at maps and such, there look to be a lot of twisties and several interstates. The main thing I want to do is get away from the DFW traffic! I buy this fast bike and I can't find anywhere to go fast (wall to wall cars).

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