any uk members? need pc3 help..........


well guys long story short our dyno is down for 3 weeks until Richard et al from dynojet uk come down to fix it............ so meantime I desperately need a map I can use until I can custom map my the reason I said uk members is I believe American bikes have different base settings and maps may not be suitable for European bikes..........
so.......... if you have similar mods [doesn't have to be exact] then could you please email me a copy of your map ?
thanks , slug :)

full akrapovic [any full system would be close enough]
small box mod
bmc race filter

all the other mods like pair removal/non removal...........tre/no tre etc wont make any difference really......... so if you have the above 3 mods shout out :)
A map from "The Colonies" just wont cut it eh? :laugh:

Would one work from a Common Wealth Country. :rofl:

If you cant get a fellow Kipper or Limey one...:poke: and want to give a canadian one a go...let me know.

I have one for a full system,sm bx mod,K&N that I made 181 HP with,its a bit sticky from all the fuggin maple syrup thou.

Are the UK ECU's really that different than the ones used in the good riding climates. :poke: :whistle: :rofl: