Any OKC people here?


I'm probably moving there in a few months. Can you give me an idea of what the area is like, which areas to avoid for living/crime, good middle and high schools, etc?


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Oklahoma City proper is about 620 square miles. The surrounding cities make a metro area that more than doubles the population.

It really depends on what type of housing you want to live in, you budget, what length of commute, and the lifestyle/hobbies you want to like near. There are places to fit about anything within a 30 minute commute.

I'm assuming you are going to stationed at Tinker. Del City and Midwest City are both next to the base. Both have both good and bad areas of town in them. There are more rural areas to the east of the base.

The tornado in Moore is going to greatly impact a lot of available housing in south Oklahoma City for the next 6 months to a year. I should also have some impact in further reaching areas.

I think you will enjoy it here. The cost of living is very good. I've worked on the base over 30 years and have found many military members end up staying here in the area after retirement because of the economy and people.


Thanks for the reply. Focusing a bit more on finding a house off base, and am now looking at Newcastle. Looks like a small town feel and a bit rural as well? That's what we're really looking for. Is that a decent place as far as schools and crime rates?


Wow, found out that one of the houses we were looking at is gone. Now another round of storms there! Hope all of you in that area are doing well.

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