Any military riders out there?

Active Army, 68S Aircraft Armament Missile system tech., I work on the OH-58 D reconnaisance helicopter, currently stationed in Hawaii at Wheeler Army Airfield, been here for 4yrs now and in the Army for 6 total.

Own a 99 black and silver busa, and a 98 Vortech Supercharged TA pushing 600hp hence my name on another suzuki board: firebusa

It seems the majority of bike owners here are in the military.
Hahaha! Yeah classified alright, hey Omar I got the silver/silver fairings after finding out your bike was black/silver this way well be able to tell em apart when we go riding.

Yeah sorry I couldnt make it over today, wanted to come a little while ago but those rain clouds looked menacing. Got the manamobile under a cover and only bring it out when they put up the batsignal!

Anyways hopefully Ill get over this weekend.
Retired Air Force Armament Systems Technicial (22 years) now a U.S. Postal mail carrier. Got the black "Busa" and several other Suzuki bikes, early Katanas, XN-85, Bandit, SV-650, GT Series two-strokes, RE-5 Rotary, etc. Seventeen out of 22 years overseas, mostly Pacific time. Two years Vietnam, one in Thailand and 10 on Okinawa. Had one of the first CB-750s and the first VMAX registered on Okinawa. Any one ever find out how many black Busas came to the States?