Any military riders out there?

Roger That i'm in hot with mini guns!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
US Marine Gunnery Sergeant.
18 yrs of Service.
Camp Pendleton, CA

Marc "Howlin Mad"
cpl, usmc. still in, plan to be for quite awhile. Stuck in Nc
E-5 USAF, Stationed at Travis AFB, Ca. I am in Germany until feb. though. Been in 4.5 years.
United States Navy Senior Chief (E-8)

Active Duty 20yrs 6months

Sunny California
what the heck you talking about Purple Haze for then........?

You know you can't smoke anymore........just privates/seamen.
Texas Air National Guard SMS (E8)
22 years of service
12 Active Duty Air Force, 10 with the ANG
NAS Ft. Worth
(MuggaX @ Dec. 19 2002 said:
411350[/ATTACH])]Puck: Are you a full time tech in the Air Guard?

Traditional, but I spend enough time out there to be full-time.  I fly two nights a week and average 90 days a year on the road.  Are big push over the last couple of months has been NVG - Night Vision Goggle training.  There's nothing better than flying into a blacked out field with no lights.

NVG "Turns night into day".

My unit is on the top of the list for a 1 year activation to a forward operating location.  

Anybody want to take care of my Busa for a year?  


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Puck: What plane are you flying? We just deactivated our C141's....and are getting C17's. I'm with the 172d in Jackson, Ms.

You could always come fly on the mighty C-5 :-) I am tdy right now over in Germany so I am getting to see my share of 141's and 17's.
Rich: If you're in Germany now, you might have been in contact with some of our people. We have been doing rotations to Germany for the pass year. We just had people come get back this week. That was our last trip due to the deactivation of our planes.