Any members in the Houston area?


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Hey oRgsters,
Any members in the Houston area? I will be in Houston for training on the 20th and will be there until the 8th of Nov. I will be bikeless, but, if anyone wants to get together for grub, or wants to have someone else take wild guesses at some problem they have, or just wants to hang out with someone who is easy to make fun of, then let me know!

There are few members here live in Houston including myself, I live in north side.... Be happy to visit with you, what part of town
will you be in??
Shawn, I've been in Houston the last few years now. Depending on your schedule during those dates I'd be glad to meet up with you guys for some food/drinks, etc. Maybe we can get a mini meet or something going... :laugh:
Guys, that is awesome! I am not sure where exactly I will be, but I think Spring? Is that right? I will PM you guys my phone number, and hopefully we can set something up!
I will be there at Aero-Tech Aviation... I received both PMs; hopefully we can set something up!
I am down with that!!! Is there more than one? I ask because I am right down the street from one at a hotel next to some outlet stores...