Any lawyers in the house


I took my Benz to the dealer Thurrday to have my regular service conducted and have my brake pads replaced.... My A/C wasn't working properly so I also ask the service guy's to check it out. Well he calls me back and said they found an open in evap temp sensor, and the sensor needed to be replaced. They replaced the temp sensor and I picked up my car, and the A/C was blowing alot cooler. Drove the car home park it, got up the next morning drive it and it sounds like someone is banging my engine with a hammer. WTF, I call the dealer and they tell me to bring it back. Now they tell me my a/c compressor went out. WTF I pay to have my A/C serviced, they say they fixed it and the next day the compressor goes out Now they say one thing has nothing to do with the other and want me to pay again parts and labor to have the compressor replaced.

I would like to go to small claims court with this, but what are the necessary steps?
And do I have a shot at winning and having them fix my car without paying them another dime?

Just an FYI I am not a lawyer. As for your situation, unless you can prove that the problem with your A/C was a result of the shops negligence you’re out of luck. Even if the repair caused the compressor to go out they may not be liable. An example of this type of situation is when someone has a leaking water hose repaired and the radiator blows because of a weakness that was not found until normal operating pressure was maintained.

Without independent proof that negligence and not the repair or normal wear and tear caused the problem you are SOL.
My uncle is a master Mechanic. He replaced my A/C Condensor, and a couple belts on my Infiniti. Now remember he is a mechanic and he knows his stuff, and I am not paying him.... My A/C blew cold as hell for about two days then the Compressor melted down to nothing, Sounds just like your problem. Automotive A/C, as well as the cooling systems can do this. You fix the week link in the system, and then the next weekest blows. Sucks but I guess it isn't all that rare.
I would talk to the service manager at your Benz dealership. They are professionals, and they will go out of there way to make things right if they screwed something up.
You go in their kicking and screaming about lawsuits and Yadda Yadda, your probably just going to be wasting everyone's time.
Talk to the service manager, tell him what is going on and see what he says. If you have been a loyal, repeat Benz buyer I know that they will just about kill themselves trying to make certain your happy. Doesn't mean they are going to fix anything for free though.
If you have a turbo busa and your turbo has only been making 7 psi of boost because of a bad waste gate you fix the waste gate and your tranny looses a gear because now you are making 14 psi of boost and more power. You cant blame the guy that fixed your turbo. I am not defending the shop by any means. If you came into my shop and that happened I would atleast eat some labor to make you a happy customer. It sounds like you go there for most of your (I can imagine expensive BMW) service. I dont think you will get anywhere but I am not a lawyer either. Did you try talking to the service manager or to the next level of there service dept. If they dont do anything for you they dont have very good customer service.