Any info on this bike?

Kazinger also built a version of the Yosh bike. At one time I was interested in doing the swingarm conversion on mine. I did some research and found Jeff Lindeman did the conversion for Rad Greaves' Formula Extreme Busa. I emailed Jeff and he told me he can do the conversion but at a $1250.00 charge. He also told me Rad now uses a stock GSXR750 swingarm. Apparently it bolts right on and even uses the Busa linkage.

You can get quite a bit of the parts from Yosh, but brother, its gonna cost ya. Kazinger's customer spent $70,000.

I spoke to another guy on who purchased the swingarm from Rad Graeves (sp?) when he went to the 750 arm. He gave some initial ride impressions but didnt have a lot of time on the bike.

I'm gonna try an adjustable linkage and lower the forks a tad first. Good luck.
Not sure on the Yosh bike, but the Kazinger bike was ~1400cc w/~200hp and ~108ftlb. Real light too. He has a web site (sorry cant remember the address), but its in German.

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