Any Glenn Beck Fans in here? FOX Network


Glenn Beck on Fox network ,Dishnetwork Channel 205, 5 PM Weekdays.

Today was great, it Replays Tonight at 2 AM for TeeVO people
He's entertaining when he's not crying. He leans on the side of paranoia, so if you can filter out the "sky is falling" rhetoric, he's normally pretty much in sync with my politics.
he's on fox now? i was wondering where he went. i loved watching his show on CNN. never heard why he was taken off/left though
He bugs me to death. I watch Oreilly UNLESS he's on there:laugh: It drives me crazy when he trys to make a funny and turns and stares at the camera:poke: I do agree with him on about everything though.
He and CNN didn't share the same politics, so he moved over to Fox. Good for him.
That's because most of FOX watchers are at WORK during the day....

+1 Making a living versus looking for a hand out. I'm sorry, if you are sitting on your ass at home during the day (unless you are a full time mom or dad or retired) then you are waiting for someone to save you. I believe that anyone who really wants to work can find work. It may not be the prestigious corner office that you desire but $6/hour pulling weeds from a flower bed is better than taking a nickel from our overbearing Government who would like for all us to call them "Master."
Glenn Beck.......OMG that guy is such a freak! I do enjoy Jon Stewart making fun of him on a nightly basis though! :laugh::rofl:

Some strong opinions here. How is he a nut job? What information does he provide that you find "nutty?"