Any fixes for the ugly left exhaust mount?


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One titanium tri-oval yoshi exhaust can and sys. are great. I perfer the look of one can only, plus chain maintenance is sooooo much easier. But the mount behind the left rear footpeg is just stickin out in space. I don't want to just hack it off and look cheap. Any sugestions?
if your not planing on riding any passengers..... ( and the hump looks better any way) just remove the whole peg... it just screws in
The hump does look better. But if I lose the passenger seat and go with the hump, how am I going to score. I don't know if I give up on pickin up the booty.
I had my local metal/polishing guy remove the hole part of the peg and then polish it up. Ill post a pic of it tomorrow.
are there any aftermarket rear pegs that have a peg and an exhaust bracket on the right......and peg only on the left???
You could use the bracket to mount your license plate to and then cut the whole fender off. I was thinking of doing this once I get my new exhaust.
too cool, i didn't think a machinist could make it look that sharp.....When i look foor someone to cut off the extra i can show these pics, to make sure they do it to the Busa standard......many thanxs Gixxer.
I used my dremel tool and a heavy duty cut off wheel then smoothed it and polished it took about an hour and a half.