Any cheap motels in la?


Hayabusa Immortal
I'm thinking of doing this. I'm desperate enough for cash (not like I have any major contracts pending that I can't spare 10 days, plus 3 travelling
). Might be worth the effort if I can find a place cheap enough and where the bike won't get stolen.

man that would be pimp as hell if it wasnt in cali. Hell Im Planin to go out there in august to meet up with howlin mad and Lo-busa but thats not till august. cant quite pull two trips in two months for over 15 days, boss would have my a$$ for sure!!

sounded good though!
I'll look around for a motel that has secure parking for motorcycles. Do you know where the shoot is? That way I can see what's close to it. I'm thinking about doing it myself but I don't think I can get the time off.
Well, I was checking around and the best I can say is to look on and see what you want as far as prices and then call them about the security of the garage. I went with them for a trip to NY and it worked out fine.
Just find a room on the ground floor that has the hotel room door going outside. Then at night push the bike into the room.
I think I'm going to skip it. Way too much risk financially and otherwise for me right now. The last thing I want is for them to ask me to do stupid stunts and end up wasting the bike.

Check the link above for details on location/numbers.
True, I'm thinking about checking it out but I was worried about the same thing. Besides, the cheapest "secure" motels were 50-70 bucks a night. I don't do wheelies or burnouts so they might now use me anyway. I'll let you know what it was like if I get over there.