Any central Illinois Busas?

<span style='color:blue'></span>Anyone here from central Illinois? (Springfield/Champaign/Decatur/Bloomington) I saw a really sweet silver/grey Busa in Champaign last night and just wondered.....
Thanks, Jim and Steve. I have lurked on this board for a long time, but never registered. There are quite a few Busas in this area, but I have never noticed anyone on any of the boards or mailing lists ever mentioning being from this area....go figure.
I'm in the Peoria, IL area. So pretty near where you are. Welcome to the board.

If you get the urge to take a little trip, try the roads around the Illinois River, especially those around Peoria. We have some pretty decent twisties. Nothing like parts of the SouthWest US, but not too shabby for the Midwest.
There is a link in our website to IowaZ's site. Go there and send Barry an E-mail. He is in Hannibal. He should be able to tell you of any good roads on both sides of the river "local" to Hannibal.