Any advise?


I'm going to buy a Hayabusa in the next few months. Not sure if its going to be new or used. If I buy used what are some things I should look out for? I have owned moto x bikes before but this will be my first street bike.
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I got a used bike ( 600 miles ) for me its been a great deal. I would suggest getting as low a milage bike as possible and make sure the cam chain tensioner recall has been done. For used bikes check out lots of used bikes w/ low miles - Aloha
I'm actually looking for a new 2002 silver/silver in MA or NH, I'm currently trying to figure out how to go about buying it. The online shops are tempting because of the prices (even with delivery and OTD charges). If i could find a good price in MA I'd buy it.

I agree with the earlier post, a discounted 2001 model may never be discounted enough for me to not buy a new 2002.