another stupid question.. but important


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mobile 1.... 10w40 full syn.... thats what im planning on using.. but my question is..

the mobile 1 they have at shucks (autoparts store here)... is that safe to use, or is there a motorcycle grade i should get instead?


Use only mobile 1 motorcycle racing full syn 10 40 you will find it in the trans oil section dont fn know why. I use it my 08 trans shifts much better. Also use mobile 1 racing oil in my harley for years good oil been thru them all.


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an automotive grade oil is a big no-no. will take out your clutches. stick to motorcycle oil, & impo stay away from mobil 1; wouldn't run that garbage in my lawn mower. but, to each there own......
automotive oil has friction modifiers in it. While this is good for an engine, it isnt good for clutch plates. They can start slipping once those modifiers soak into them.

Stick with a good quality motorcycle-specific oil. As for brand? ask 10 different people and you're liable to get 10 different answers.

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