Another song i just finished called LOW DOWN DIRTY *****!

Here ya go... Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Possible NSFW so keep that kind of in mind...Dont forget to rate, comment, and subscribe!!! Help support my music, i am working my way up little by little!!!

- Low down dirty whore ***A MUST SEE VIDEO***[/url]

Mr Bogus

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Didnt you do the "I hate my ex" thing too? seems like you got some candid remarks on that one..

(did not open link, at work)
Actually it only has one cuss word in it, and the word is bull****... I just don't want to get anyone in trouble or anything while they are at work.

And yes, i wrote the song "***** im free again", it is on my youtube channel as well, but some people was telling me to write a more clean song that tells the story of kinda what happened and this is what i came up with, and i actually think this turned out to be a far better song, but a lot of people really liked the other one as well....


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:thumbsup: Keep up the good work, sounds like you are keeping your head up and and doing better,and that is good. :thumbsup:
Maybe just a few LOL... BTW, thank you all for posting comments and rating my video...

If anyone else posts comments, make sure to put that you came from so we can do some cheap promoting for the website LOL

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