Another picture of the Beast


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It's raining here again (what a surprise ???) so I was going thru some pics

being a bike pron junkie (along with gun pron :laugh:) thought I'd post this one

Selene ready to go...



The Pessimistic Optimist
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Thanks guys....

and she's a working girl, not a garage queen, ride her daily...
32,000 mi on the odo.

I can't stand her dirty...:cheerleader:

list of mods
HMF highrise with PCIII and Chris Jones Custom map
small airbox mod
Pazzo levers shorties(black on black)
Cyclecat rearsets
GSXR passenger pegs, powdercoated black
HEL steel brakelines with EBC HH pads
Rear mudflap/airbrake removal mod
Kickstand Mod
Clear Alternatives integrated tail light/turn signals
HID (Slight Blue) high/low headlights
Switchback running light/blinkers with clear alt. smoke covers
Rodlok locking system
Double bubble smoke windshield
Black fairing bolts
New fork seals/internals (springs/valves) racetech
Tobin seats
Fairing screens (painted black of course)
Nosecone screens (painted black)
blue-gauges reverse indiglo hayabusa symbol
Carbon Fiber Chain guard
Heli bars with foam grips (from HPC)
Frankenstein bolt replacements
Garmin 550
EK 530 ZZZ chain
Muzzy fan with engine ice

I think that's it...???
I bet I forgot at least 3...

Mods to go...(just the expensive ones)
Wave Rotors
Marchesini or Carrozzeria wheels
Big Bore or a turbo when I rebuild at 100,000 mi.
(probably stealth turbo)

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